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At Focalpoint, we're dedicated to providing first class web solutions and services and work hard to help clients achieve their objectives for Internet. Whether you're an existing or new Focalpoint client, we have a range of competitive options available on a wide range of services. Our objectives are to add value to your business and we provide services through a core team always on hand, who know exactly what's going on under the bonnet.

Focalpoint partner with Exa Networks, an award winning ISP, to provide web solutions and services through a core team whose experience within the ISP sector is cumulatively over sixty years, and together we bring you a wealth of knowledge and services.

In common with most ADSL Providers in the UK, the range of Focalpoint broadband services supplied through our Exa Networks partner status uses BT's telephone infrastructure as a conduit for transferring data. Together we genuinely understand the needs of the business user - a reliable, extremely fast, secure service with virus free email and professional, fast response support.



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